As the regional advocate for the high tech sector, SRCTec will strive to be responsible for the development of a broad array of technology policies and initiatives on behalf of the Region and future members. The consortium will pro-actively seek membership from diverse technology clusters, including information technology, software/hardware, government contractors, Internet, ISPs, telecommunications, as well as service providers that play an important role in supporting these companies. Our member companies will include some of the most successful and well recognized technology companies in the world and also many small, energetic, entrepreneurial companies that have chosen to locate and thrive in this Region.

SRCTec advocacy efforts and initiatives will result in a strong technology policy framework which will elevate the Region as a global technology leader and a preferred location to grow and expand technology businesses over the next several years. SRCTec will continue to build on its existing framework in order to promote:

  • research and commercialization of intellectual properties,
  • technology education and workforce development,
  • further deployment of regional technology-based economic development,
  • the cultivation of entrepreneurship,
  • expansion of and important tax policies that reflect and support a future regional technology based economy.

From the beginning, SRCTec has focused on the following policy priorities:

– Foster a positive climate for technology businesses and their future investment in the Region.

– Invest in education, research, and a technically skilled workforce

SRCTec’s vision includes establishing a partnership with an educational institution leading to a high caliber technology and research program. SRCTec seeks the support of local community organizations and politicians backed by adequate public and private sector funding.

Whether you are located in the Fraser Valley or a part of the global high tech community, be a member of SRCTec. When you join SRCTec you make our voice stronger.

Thank You!!

Raymond T. Szabada

Chairman of the Board (SRCTec)