SRCTec Welcomes Prospera Credit Union as Their Newest Sponsor for the AG-Tech Venture Acceleration Program

MISSION – Sumas Regional Consortium for High Tech (SRCTec) welcomes their newest sponsor in support of SRCTec’s vision. With the help of the Ministry of Technology, BCIC and their sponsors, SRCTec is able to offer a unique accelerator open to the Province of BC that gives entrepreneurs the support to grow a technology idea or an existing business. AG-Tech Ventures that are apart of the program have created remarkable technologies to help streamline production and reduce existing mechanical costs in a variety of workplaces. In addition there are several environmentally friendly technologies such as garden apps, sensors, robotics, devices and gaming companies.


Along with the support of the AG-Tech Venture Acceleration Program, SRCTec provides support services by offering discounted corporate services, membership to enhance networking, mentorship, access to funding and a place to do business at. With this new sponsorship, SRCTec will continue to foster creative, intellectual minds & aid in encouraging entrepreneurship within the region.


Prospera Credit Union has more than 70 years of history in British Columbia, and is proud to be a member owned co-operative with operations from Vancouver to Kelowna. As a full service financial institution that prides itself on building relationships, they serve their members through sixteen branches; online and mobile banking; and a locally based contact centre. Through their membership in The Exchange network, their members enjoy fee-free access to more than 3,300 ATM’s across Canada.


Making life better for everyone is important to Prospera. With an extensive community investment program devoted to supporting the organizations, events and volunteers that make communities stronger, Prospera makes a meaningful difference to the financial well being of their members and their communities.



Linking up with local community sponsors such as Prospera gives our ventures an opportunity to utilize the services and expertise needed to help grow their business. We appreciate this newly formed relationship and look forward to involving Prospera in our upcoming events to help support our incubated entrepreneurs.”

Ray Szabada – CEO, Sumas Regional Consortium for High Tech


We really welcome Prospera to our Venture Acceleration network at a time that they desperately need low-cost services and personal interaction that a credit union can supply”

Mike Manion – Executive in Residence, Sumas Regional Consortium for High Tech


SRCTec Member, based in Mission, BC. Quest Upon Wins Prestigious Award for Innovation in Technology !

May 22, 2015, VANCOUVER, BC –  QuestUpon has garnered recognition by winning the award for Most Innovative Entertainment Company at the NextBC 2015 Awards by DigiBC.

“We were already thrilled to be listed as a finalist in the same category as Electronic Arts. So when we were announced as the winners in this category, it was exhilarating to receive that recognition from a group of our peers,” said Miles Marziani, Founder and CEO of QuestUpon.

The award was presented on Thursday May 21st, at DigiBC’s annual NextBC Showcase & Awards event, held at TELUS World of Science, in Vancouver. The event gathers the technology community to honour BC’s most innovative technology companies that will shape and influence the future.

Tammy Meyers, Co-Founder and COO of QuestUpon said,”This was a great event by DigiBC to network with other tech companies and like minded people, and demonstrate what we’ve developed. It was gratifying to experience people’s enthusiasm with our product, and the award was ‘the icing on the cake’ for the evening!”

AG-Tech Venture Air Phaser Releases a Product to Control Odor for Large Air Volumes

Doug Lanz is an inventor, a business owner, and the creator (and patent holder) of Air Phaser ™, a Non-Thermal Plasma (NTP) Technology-based System, and by far the best Clean-Tech solution for commercial and industrial odor and air pollution problems.

Doug believes that every person has a responsibility to try to improve the world in which we live. Having worked in so many large-scale facilities, Doug knew that industrial emissions were something that urgently needed our attention. Today he considers it a privilege to bring the Air Phaser technology to industries around the world; to be able to help clients reduce their impact on the environment, and to improve the quality of our air and the health of our planet for future generations.

Air Phaser is proud to announce the release of their newest technology for odor control for large air volumes using only electricity. This machine can remove odor from air using its electrically activated Non-Thermal Plasma (NTP) technology. The NTP field creates hydroxyl & associated oxygen radicals, which are many more times effective than simple ozone. The features & benefits are:

  • Up to 95% odor removal efficiency.
  • Patented, proven, NTP / cold plasma technology.
  • Electricity is the only operations consumable.
  • Neutralizes odorous air using simultaneous oxidation & reduction reactions.
  • Cost effective, efficient and reliable solution for any scale, even municipal and industrial scale applications.
  • Add-on option for existing systems to increase odor control effectiveness.


Odor emissions it is effective on:

  • Food processing.
  • Fish food, animal feed, pet food applications.
  • Rendering, meat packing.
  • Agricultural odors.
  • Sewage, composting, recycling.
  • Garbage treatment.
  • Most biological/organic process


For more information on Air Phaser and how this new technology please visit them at


SRCTec Announces New Venture Acceleration Program

Are you a gamer, software application company or high tech manufacturing firm? Join us on March 23, 2016 at the Best Western in Mission to lean more about the newest program addition to the Sumas Regional Consortium for High Tech – the Venture Acceleration Program.


How does our Venture Acceleration Program Work for You?


Our role in this program is to help fill the funnel of new tech companies and to help existing tech companies accelerate ideas by:

  • Stimulating entrepreneurial spirit in the tech industry, regionally
  • Assisting budding entrepreneurs to take their idea though to commercialization
  • Provide networking opportunities for all companies regardless of their size
  • Stimulate growth with four full days of training on Product Validation, Market Validation, Market Penetration and Market Expansion
  • Offering access to capital opportunities and other funding options in the tech sector
  • Continued post-training mentorship with SRCTec’s premier movers and shakers for the duration of the program (1 year)



1:00pm to 1:30pm >> Registration & Welcome
1:30pm to 1:45pm >> Critical Success Factors for Tech Entrepreneurs with CEO Ray Szabada
1:45pm to 2:30pm >> Legal Considerations in Starting a Business with Ally Bharmal from Fasken Martineau
2:30pm to 3:00pm >> NRC IRAP with Walter Wardrop
3:00pm to 3:30pm >> Networking
3:30pm to 4:00pm >> De Mystifying Your Banker with Shannon Baird of BDC
4:00pm to 4:30pm >> Advanced Accounting with Greg Buck of Key Accounting
4:30pm to 5:00pm >> Post Event Networking
5:00pm to 6:00pm >> Orientation with Peter Briscoe & Mike Manion


Workshop Registration Form

SRCTec’s Member MyGreen Space Receives $60,000 in Funding

My Green Space™ is a mobile application (app), which offers an end to end solution simplifying the process of growing fruits and vegetables in any space, and eliminating any need for research or journaling. Customers learn instantaneously with daily task notifications and tutorials. Built-in e-commerce simplifies the process of acquiring the correct supplies by recommending the products required for the user specific situation: time of year, location, sunlight, budget and available space. My Green Space™ functions on desktops, smartphones and tablets, allowing users to use the app while in their gardens.

My GreenSpace is on a mission to accelerate the transition to a sustainable food system.  Their Vision is a garden in every home. Food for every soul.
Michael Moll  is a community and technology obsessed social commerce visionary. Resilient sustainable communities is rooted in my DNA. Growing up in Kenya and coming to Canada on a full  leadership scholarship at UBC sauder school of business has given him an amazing experience.

Michael dreams of ways to use technology to transform human activities.  He has a keen eye for visual communication and product development and is obsessed with the power of co-creation.  Currently using his marketing prowess and startup experience to steer the vision for A digital garden planner and seed shop on a mission to make communities more sustainable and resilient.

Mike is a full time optimist who loves nothing more than living at the intersection between people and technology.


Congratulations on your success MyGreen Space! We are excited to watch you grow, no pun intended.

New Technology Brings Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to Guests at Best Western Plus Kelowna Hotel & Suites

KELOWNA, BC – Best Western Plus Kelowna Hotel & Suites has partnered with award-winning technology company QuestUpon, to create an interactive experience for hotel guests, with the ‘BC Wildlife Adventure’ that features both Kelowna and BC’s wildlife.

“Our staff often notice that our younger guests are looking for things to do. We were inspired by QuestUpon to create something for these guests that is appealing to the way they connect with the world. We now have an interactive adventure, for kids of all ages, that has them navigate through the hotel and courtyard, engaging with nature and wildlife that’s native to BC and Kelowna. It works well for us since it utilizes our beautiful one acre courtyard and we’re already known as an urban resort hotel,” says Brenda Rayburn, Director of Sales & Marketing for Best Western Plus Kelowna.

As guests arrive, they will notice prompts throughout the hotel to get them playing the quest. Once they have the application on their mobile device, they get started in the lobby of the hotel. The quest will then take them on a geocaching adventure through the hotel and courtyard, navigating to various missions, tasks and mini-games. Some of the things they’ll get to experience is catching salmon as they jump upstream; take a picture of a moose; pick apples off a tree; see a grizzly; take a picture of Ogopogo; and more!

“We blend a scavenger and treasure hunt together with geocaching, and then wave the ‘magic wand’ of technology throughout, bringing everything to life for an extreme level of engagement,” says Tammy Meyers, co-founder of QuestUpon. “We use virtual reality and augmented reality, delivering the experience right into the guest’s palm, using their smartphone. Once the Best Western guest finishes the quest, we anticipate that they’ll want to explore the other quests that are in Kelowna, further enhancing their visit to the city.”

“Being the first hotel to have a game like this made specifically for their hotel is really exciting for us! Our goal is to give our guests a ‘WOW’ and memorable experience,” says Brenda Rayburn, “but seeing kids of all ages smiling and having fun is what really counts.”

The ‘BC Wildlife Adventure’ is ready to play at the Best Western Plus Kelowna Hotel & Suites. Get started by downloading the free ‘QuestUpon’ app for iPhone or Android.

Innovation Day at the Pacific Ag Show is Approaching!

Building off the energy and success of the first ever Agri-Tech Trade Show + Mixer in The Region,  held in Abbotsford last October, the Sumas Regional Consortium for High Tech (SRCTec) is following up with Innovation Day, a mini agri-tech trade show in the Scotiabank Pavilion at the Pacific Agriculture Show.  This trade show represents the scope and importance of Technology within the Agriculture Sector and lets attendees investigate and compare the latest technologies, trends and techniques available. Come see what all the buzz is about on January 29 from 1:00pm to 4:30pm.

The 2015 Pacific Agriculture show attracted over 8,000 attendees who saw over 300 exhibiting companies. Being apart of an event of this magnitude will allow the region to see just how stimulating some of the newest innovations in agri-tech are. Some of SRCTec’s Agri-Tech Venture Acceleration Program participants will be apart of this event, along with three speakers who will provide presentations on topics such as “ A Day at the Farm with Drones” ( Mike Morellato and Jim Buerk /Aerobotika), “The Impact of the FDA Foreign Supplier Verification Program Ruling on Canadian Food Exports” (Steven Burton/Burton Software) and “Next-Generation Efficient Heat and Water Management Technologies” (Dr. Majid Bahrami/Watergenics Inc.).

Tickets for this event can be purchased at the Tradex and are $14. The event runs from January 28th to January 30th. For more information on the Pacific Agriculture Show please visit If you can’t make Innovation Day, stop by and visit SRCTec at our event booth that will be set up the entire time.


A Little More About SRCTec

SRCTec is the newest tech hub of the Fraser Valley and supplying companies services such as membership, corporate services, access to funding, innovative programs to help grow ideas, provide office space, incubator programs and a unique accelerator called the Agri-Tech Venture Acceleration Program (AVAP). AVAP is funded through the Ministry of Agriculture and BCIC and is here to assist those with the next big tech idea into the market. Pairing training sessions with one-on-one mentoring has given individuals and businesses resources such as networking and access to funding. With much success in helping to bridge entrepreneurs to valuable information needed to grow, AVAP found it fitting to put together a trade show to highlight this emerging sector. For more information on SRCTec please visit

SRCTec’s Member QuestUpon Highlighted in Showcase at #BCTECH Summit

The provinces first-ever sold out #BCTECH Summit taking place on January 18 and 19th at the Vancouver Convention Centre will feature QuestUpon, one of our many members at SRCTec in Mission, BC. The creators of QuestUpon have a long history in mobile platform and game development with their associate company, PlayMobility. Before the smartphone came along, they had envisioned gamifying the real world to inspire an active lifestyle, by combining augmented reality and geocaching. The concept was years in the making, but it wasn’t until 2011 that they created Legend Tracker, that allowed explorers to track, find, and see legends, such as Sasquatch and Loch Ness Monster, in augmented reality, as they travel a region. This resulted in people submitting various pictures and videos of legend sightings, to Legend Tracker, and in 2013 one of these submitted videos went viral as news of the Sasquatch sighting in Mission BC reached over 250 million people around the world!

QuestUpon has been invited by the BC Innovation Council (BCIC) to have their business included in the Technology Showcase, to provide an augmented reality (AR) experience featuring the mining industry. They’ve also asked us to provide an AR experience on the main stage for the opening session. They are having some fun with all this!

If you plan on attending the event stop in to visit QuestUpon at booth number 113. Both Miles Marziani, CEO/Founder and Tammy Meyers COO will be there and would love to say Hello!

QuestUpon will be posting pictures and videos from the event. Follow them for updates on Twitter and Facebook!

On a “Mission” to Teach Kids How to Code




On January 19 from 8am to 10am, the Mission School District with Sumas Regional Consortium for High Tech (SRCTec) is hosting a coding camp. The event will teach local Grade 9 students basic coding skills.

Thirty students from the Mission School District will be taught by 11 mentors. SRCTec CEO Ray Szabada will be tutoring the students, with his team from i-Open Technologies. The first hour of the camp will cover the basics, and students will tackle a coding project during the second hour.

The Mission coding camp will be a remote version of the #BCTECH Summit coding camp at Lighthouse Labs in Vancouver. These coding camps are designed to pique students’ interest, as the Canadian technology sector grows across industries.

“We are very excited for this event because it’s the first of its kind in Mission and with the school district”, says Athena Leskun, Marketing Manager with SRCTec.

Learn more about the #BCTECH Summit, and opportunities for everyone from students, to entrepreneurs and those pursuing a career in tech.

Article by: BCIC

Mission’s SRCTec Helps to Further Another Amazing Success Story

Super Intelligent Electronic Mediator is ready for Mainstream Applications

Negotiations.  It’s a word charged with a variety of nuances, and most often preceded by a very telling adjective.  Lengthy negotiations, complex negotiations, difficult negotiations, deadlocked negotiations – our newspaper headlines are riddled with such references.  All told, the word implies the concept of winners and losers, coupled with a massive dose of adversarial tension.

On the other hand, negotiators don’t have to be adversaries, a fact noted in the dictionary definition that includes two starkly different points of view.  The first is definitely adversarial – “a process to gain advantage for one party over another and to craft outcomes to satisfy that party’s self interest”.  That’s where the winners and losers come in.  But the second part of the definition is much more constructive – “a dialogue between or among two or more parties intended to reach a mutually beneficial outcome and resolve points of difference”.  Under this definition, no one party walks away with everything.  Instead all the parties come away with maximum benefit under the circumstances.

It’s this definition that has driven the passion of Abbotsford’s Ernest Thiessen for more than twenty years.  The UBC trained engineer earned his doctorate in Civil Engineering Systems Planning and Analysis at Cornell University.  His experience while working on a water management project in Nepal taught him that most negotiation processes are deeply flawed.  “Every project involves conflict resolution and negotiation”, he tells me.  “You soon learn that there is a huge gap between what the engineers recommend and what the decision makers do.   And that is mostly due to the sheer numbers of issues on the table”.

He goes on to explain that negotiations can contain billions of possible alternatives – way more information than can be grasped by the human brain.  “So negotiation has tended to follow a process of elimination”, he points out.    “Agree on the easy stuff, and then put it away where it can’t influence bargaining on the hard stuff.  The end result is that many agreements are not nearly as mutually beneficial as they could be had all the stuff been left on the table”.

Human brains have their memory limitations.  Computers do not.

So Ernie started to work on a computer software program that could keep all the possible positions and alternatives in play.  Called Smartsettle, it starts with one simple principle.

“The author, teacher and radio personality Earl Nightingale told us that a well-defined problem is already half solved” he says.   “So we have applied that logic to negotiations. Our first step is to model the entire problem by creating an Agreement Framework.  Looking like a final agreement except for blanks representing the unresolved issues, this method allows the parties to present their preferences in such a way that complete packages can be easily compared.  As long as the parties are willing to collaborate, we make it easier to rate the capacity of each party to give and take”.

Ernie illustrates how Smartsettle works with a simulation based on a real-world conflict in the Middle East. Three countries are competing for water flowing in one river, and are engaged in negotiations as to available volumes by season, cleanliness and level of salinity.  Because the water is needed for electricity generation, agriculture and industrial and domestic consumption, degree of control represents either a huge monetary benefit or loss to the affected parties.  Donor nations represent a fourth party offering funding in exchange for a low-carbon footprint.

swiftfruitriverwatershedI watch as the program serves up a variety of packages. Using a process called “Visual Blind Bidding” parties exchange proposals and ask the system to generate suggestions. Instead of trying to wear down their opponent until they capitulate, each party instead focuses on what is important to it. The parties are encouraged to rate the packages on a monetary scale – in this example each point on the scale is valued at $100 million of potential economic gain or loss.  It then becomes easy for the parties to determine how much each package is worth to them, and to place hidden acceptances on packages where they are willing to agree.    When all parties have accepted the same package at the end of a session it becomes a binding deal.  Each package has a satisfaction rating and is studied carefully. Many of the packages are rejected but a few are accepted in each session.   Finally, after a number of sessions, all four parties are satisfied.  Bingo- we have agreement!

“The computer acts as an auto mediator”, notes Ernie.  “But it’s a mediator with an enormous memory and incredible powers of suggestion.  It can do what no human mind can do, and that’s keeping every single contentious give or take issue in play. It is also perfectly neutral so parties can trust it. This all adds up to a huge advantage over human mediation.”

You would think that’s the end of the exercise, but it’s not.  Ernie clicks on another tab as he explains.  “Just because the parties agree doesn’t prove they have reached the best possible solution to address all their concerns.  Because the program now understands their positions so well, it’s able to use that understanding to suggest an even better agreement.  Watch!”

That we do as the points numbers (each one, you will remember, representing $100 million in economic value) flash on the screen and finally settle.  “There”, says Ernie.  “The computer has found improvements that give almost $1 billion in added benefits to the agreement.  Show me a human run negotiation that has ever done that”.

Recognizing that his software could be used in the agricultural sector, Ernie took his fledgling business through the SRCTec Agricultural Venture Acceleration Program in Mission’s Raymond Szabada Technical Centre of Excellence.  Resolving crop insurance disputes was identified as just one of many possible applications for Smartsettle within the local BC Agriculture Ministry.   SRCTec Program Director Mike Manion raves about his student.  “The potential for Ernie’s business is absolutely huge”, he says.  “Everything is in place.  He just needs to become known”.

Ernie himself views his company as being in the electronic negotiation engine and training business.  His next step is to train facilitators – people who will mentor the process and train other facilitators to work with the various parties involved in a negotiation.  The goal is to create capacity to apply Smartsettle to many important problems around the world.

Those opportunities abound.  “Look at the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)”, enthuses Ernie.  “It took seven years for twelve countries to come to agreement.  I am convinced that Smarsettle would have delivered a better agreement in less than half the time.  That’s the future, and we’re ready to be a part of it”.


Article by: Biz E News – Mission Economic Development Office