Eleos Robotics enters contract to receive investment of $165,000


The Sumas Regional Consortium for High Tech (SRCTec) is a not-for-profit organization governed by a select group of technology executives that form a volunteer board of directors. SRCTec is a coalition of local government, industry partners and high education institutions interested in attracting tech based investment into the “Region” (including the District of Mission, City of Abbotsford, City of Chilliwack, District of Maple Ridge and the Township of Langley).


Mission, BC, June 21, 2017 – Eleos Robotics, one of SRCTec’s latest start-ups, has signed a contract to receive an investment of $165,000 and they have recently received their first $35,000 of this investment. Eleos Robotics designs, engineers and integrates advanced robotics and artificial intelligence technologies to “create high-tech solutions to low-tech problems.” Their vision is to one day see hundreds of thousands of acres of crops chemical free because of Culture Bot, the automated pest management system and “the future of pest management”.

For growers who need to lower their crop protection expenses, Culture Bot technology reduces labour and pesticide spraying costs significantly. Unlike integrated pest management, Culture Bot is fully automated and unlike pesticides, it’s 100% sustainable.

Learn more about Culture Bot here: eleosrobotics.com

“We have a task force of engineers led by the founders: myself, Elisabeth Van Essen, and Emanuel Pop. We have been doing the technology planning and Ai research up to this point because of the lack of funds for robotics equipment” noted Yahoel Van Essen, co-founder of Eleos Robotics.

Eleos Robotics has experienced a seed round of funding from a prominent NBA player. They raised approximately $170,000, and most of that is going towards technology development and launch preparations. Having some cash of their own also makes them “less risky” for government funders, increasing their odds of getting a grant.

“The SRCTec team is very excited for the future of Eleos Robotics and we’re looking forward to continuing to help them grow their company. Start-ups like Eleos Robotics that have a unique idea, a clear vision and the drive to build a successful company are becoming increasingly common in the “Region” and it gives some insight into what the future holds for the tech sector in the Fraser Valley.” noted Raymond Szabada, CEO, SRCTec.



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