My Green Space App is Ready for Download!

Vancouver entrepreneurs Michael Moll, Harp Dhinsa & Harpreet Bains have created an app to help anyone grow their own food with confidence. The app is now live and ready for download across Canada.


My Green Space™ is a mobile app that helps you grow your own food with confidence.  

Plan the garden of your dreams in minutes. My Green Space™ customizes your garden plan based on your city, sunlight exposure, size of space and season.

Daily reminders and easy tutorials keep you on track from seed to harvest. A built-in plant doctor helps you troubleshoot pests and diseases with ease. What are you waiting for… grow your own food… We can help.


Postcard_dark copyWhether you want to grow a few herbs on your patio, set up a garden for your kids, or have veggies-on-tap at the office, you can do it with My Green Space™.  We believe that gardens grow people and community, while they benefit your health and the planet.  After years of experiencing the benefits of growing our own food, we are honoured to share this app with you to do the same.  Join the global growing community. Enjoy our premium features with a My Green Space™ subscription for one free month. Download our app and get started today!


Key Features:

– Customized Garden Plan: Tailored to your unique conditions.

– Visual Garden Map: Know where to plant what and how much room it needs.

– Automated Companion Planting: Our algorithm knows which plants belong together for enhanced growth, plant health and flavour.

– Maintenance Reminders:  Our app intelligently sends you reminders of when to plant, water, thin, troubleshoot and successfully harvest your crops.

– Rapid Troubleshooting: Debug your plants in seconds; nip any pests and diseases in the bud.

– Exclusive Content: Weekly updates for subscribers to get access to the latest tips, tricks, and recipes from garden experts and foodies.


We believe every space deserves a garden.

Our vision is to have thriving, nutritious, fresh food gardens in every home, office and green space on earth. A more sustainable world is a couple of seeds away. Once you are empowered to grow your own food, the impact is everlasting.


Company Background:
The concept behind My Green Space was born out of the imagination of Michael Moll. Michael saw the benefit of growing his own food for 4 years and wanted to share this with as many people as possible.  Michael then went on to found the company with Harp Dhinsa & Harpreet Bains.



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