SRCTec and TMFox Incubator

The Sumas Regional Consortium for High Tech (SRCTec), Fraser Valley’s hub for tech companies and entrepreneurs, has added additional resources to help local tech innovators and expand their reach into Chinese and international markets.

At their international headquarters in New Westminster, TMFox Incubator helps link high tech start-ups and the investment world together. Essentially the “matchmaker” of the tech world, TMFox Incubator has over 800 companies they work with to initiate business development overseas.  These companies help with prototyping and manufacturing, giving Fraser Valley tech entrepreneurs the capability and competence to become valuable in markets that are hard to get in. The partnership with TMFox Incubator will help enhance start-ups in this region with regard to staging of commercialization and scaling up business.

With innovative products and technologies coming out of SRCTec’s venture hub, TMFox recognizes that some of these are applicable to China’s consumers, giving ventures a chance to align with Chinese business and markets. With SRCTec’s introduction and involvement, TMFox intends to work with the local businesses in finding partners in Chinese markets and positioning our local technology products and or facilitating technology transfer.


“As a new comer to the local high tech and business theme, we are thrilled to have this opportunity to develop deep and long term working relationships with the local incubators such as SRCtec. With the joint effort of SRCtec and TMFOX, we will bring strong benefits such as capital investment, manufacturing capability and Chinese market access to the Canadian businesses, helping them grow and be successful. Thank you, SRCtec to make us feel welcomed.” – Vicky Kang, TMFox


Logo_TMFOX_Incubator_CA_V[1] copyAbout TMFox

At TMFOX, we truly put our focus on technology and innovations that can potentially change people’s life.
– We never carelessly negate any business opportunities and ideas.
– We discover entrepreneurs that can make things happen.
– We respect the passion and desire of success from the entrepreneurs.
– We be their capital for starting the new business and be their assistant for innovation.


With a well-established network of communication and a professionally designed and executed workflow. We establish a relationship with the entrepreneurs that is full of trust and cooperation.

With the contribution and influence of TMFOX, we wish to make the business we have helped becoming the darling of the capital market and respectable company.





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