SRCTec Celebrates 30 Local Tech Start Ups Through the Venture Acceleration Program

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MISSION – The Sumas Regional Consortium for High Tech (SRCTec) a non-profit agency based in Mission, dedicated to facilitating innovation and entrepreneurial ventures in the Fraser Valley, is celebrating their 30th venture in the Venture Acceleration Program.

Since January 2015 technology entrepreneurs who are focused on enhancing ideas in Agriculture, ICT and Manufacturing Technologies have been entering the doors of SRCTec for the Venture Acceleration Programs that SRCTec offers. This program that is funded through the Province and BCIC, has given local starts up a chance to access resources, training and support within the SRCTec network. With a mandate of 30 ventures during their 3-year contract, SRCTec is celebrating their 30th graduate at the halfway mark of their program duration.

SRCTec is the only organization in BC that offers agri-tech specific venture acceleration. The funding has allowed SRCTec to bring on dedicated Executive in Residences (EIR’s) to the team to provide training and mentorship to the companies in the program. With agriculture and technology in two of the eight key sectors in the BC Jobs Plan, SRCTec is working with its ventures to create employment, and it’s working.

To name a few from the many that have enrolled: Two weeks ago SRCTec venture My Green Space, released their much-awaited gardening app on the App Store. Their vision is to have thriving, nutritious, fresh food gardens in every home, office and green space on earth. A more sustainable world is a couple of seeds away. They believe that once you are empowered to grow your own food, the impact is everlasting. Ventures such as Air Phaser’s non-thermal plasma technology-based system to solve indoor pollution problems, TechMist’s effective disinfection system to help control problems such as pine beetles, West Nile and H5N5 virus control, innovation such as these are being developed right outside our front door.

Greenhouse Games on the ICT Venture Acceleration Program front develops ‘city builders’ app formats for the mobile & tablet mass market on a global level, has completed the Market Validation Training (MVT) and is poised to get into the gaming movement.

Businesses are being developed and jobs are created – which is exactly what the objectives are.

Quick Facts:

  • Established in 2012, Sumas Regional Consortium for High Tec (SRCTec) is a not-for-

profit organization governed by a select group of technology executives that form a volunteer board of directors.

  • SRCTec is a coalition of local government, industry partners and high education institutions interested in attracting tech based investment into the “Region” (including the District of Mission, City of Abbotsford and Chilliwack).
  • SRCTec is committed to the technology-led Economic and Educational development of the region.
  • BC’s technology sector is the third largest contributor to the province’s economy, making up to 7.6% of our gross domestic product and producing $23.2 billion in annual revenue and, $31 billion in exports.

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Athena Leskun

SRCTec, Marketing Manager


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